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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1


Gabby and Pandy unbox their first surprise, show off their shrinking skills and take to the dollhouse for a meowt-of-this-world mission.


Season 1, Episode 2

Gabby Gets the Hiccups

It’s time for another dollhouse delivery! Gabby and Pandy share their new Meow Meow Mail with Cakey and work on a cure for a sneaky case of hiccups.


Season 1, Episode 3

Hamster Kitties

A fuzzy delivery contains a cuddly surprise for Baby Box. In the dollhouse, Gabby and Pandy attempt to keep up with some cute and crafty critters.


Season 1, Episode 4

Kitty School

As Floyd settles in for a tasty treat, Gabby grabs a new piece of mail from the Meow Meow Mailbox and prepares for an action-packed day at kitty schoo...


Season 1, Episode 5

Kitty Cat Cam

Fun is only a snapshot away as Gabby and Pandy set out to take a group photo — and make time for a picture-perfect scavenger hunt!


Season 1, Episode 6

Dollhouse Defenders

Super Gabby and Super Pandy shrink down to save the day from a mischievous CatRat. Can they solve his playful puzzles? Let the marvelous missions begi...


Season 1, Episode 7

Mixed-Up Dollhouse

A sparkly Meow Meow Mailbox surprise leads to a mysterious dollhouse mix-up. Can Gabby and the kitties find a fix... and some bubbly fun?


Season 1, Episode 8

Game Show

Ready. Set. Compete! CatRat takes center stage and hosts a series of dazzling dollhouse games. Will the crew win enough tickets to take home prizes?


Season 1, Episode 9

Kitty Pirates

Gabby and Pandy delight in a day of pirate-themed adventures, featuring music, maps and magical travel. Cakey leads a tasty treat tutorial.


Season 1, Episode 10

MerCat Gets Her Sparkle Back

Mush, mash and mix in a dash! Gabby and her friends prepare for a spa day. Meanwhile, MerCat deals with a sparkle disaster. Can the gang find a fix?

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